Sunday, March 11, 2007


Woke up on Saturday to this pounding rain storm that has continued more or less for the whole weekend. Good time to stay home, make soup, do the laundry, finish my latest pair of socks & get started on the pile of tax returns in my office. It is now Sunday afternoon & the rain is STILL coming down! But, I finished my latest pair of socks. Aren't they great with the red toe???

I dug around in my stash baskets & found tons of old Bernat acrylic yarns - I used to make afghans for all my pals when they moved into new homes & have lots of odds & ends left over. I seem to have bought at least 3 one pound balls of red too! Wonder what I was going to do with that??? I have 2 one pound balls of shades of blue & 1 two pound ball of denim blue - I know that one was to make an afghan for my BoyToy when he moved to his new place but he hasn't moved yet . . . . I also found some nice balls of children's yarns in the same weight - I always have those on hand for kid's gifts but I guess they will soon become squares or strips for Blankets4Canada. Why not?? They've been in the basket for almost 9 years now . . . .

And then, there's all those nice creamy skeins spun out of Brown Sheep roving. Whatever to do with them??? I'm thinking of spinning up at least 10 of them & then dyeing them at the same time so I have enough in the same colors to actually make something for me. I may use them in a felted bag project - I still love Gail's Booga Bag. I'd love to have one bag for my wallet, keys, reading glasses & knitting!!

So, Saturday nite, I spent my time adding another skein to the giant bobbin on my spinner! I find spinning sooooo soothing & relaxing after a long day pounding on the computer!!

Oh by the way, the Purple Glasses are here at last but they won't photograph as purple!! I'm still trying to get used to them too. Its been a long time since I wore bifocals & I'd forgotten about stairs. If you aren't falling UP, you're falling DOWN!!

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Louisa said...

We still want to see your new glasses! We can imagine the purple if we have to, ya know. Definitely watch the stairs until you get used to them. I wear progressive lenses and I prefer to go hiking with my sunglasses on because they have only my distance prescription. I trip over things much less when I don't have to stand on my head to see my feet! LOL!