Tuesday, March 13, 2007

You Asked For It!

My Purple Glasses are here at last - I can read very, very well, I can watch tv very, very well but I can't walk very, very well with them. I have the progressives from the old prescription, which hasn't changed all that much but I can't read the fine print at all. Seems I need a much bigger lens to properly place everything but a bigger lens is waaaay too heavy & has too much peripheral distortion. As a result, I'm reduced to plain bifocals. So, I'll wear my old glasses to drive & use the new ones to watch tv & knit.

And I now
have my new Denise needles!! I just love them! They're so light & warm! I've been using circular needles for years because they're easier on my hands & shoulders. I thought they were light but the Denise ones are so much lighter I can't believe it. I have two projects on the go where I've changed to the Denise needles as you can see. I love the fact that I can just add another extension or take one away as I need them. Too bad they don't come in the smaller sizes but I guess I'll cope!!

I've started knitting squares on my Denise needles - everything is so smoothly finished that the yarn moves really nicely - who knows, I may be working on strips before too long! Three down & one more on the needles - who says it takes a long time to knit a blanket??? These don't take any time at all in the Bernat worsted yarn on Denise needles! I'm using the old ball-band washcloth pattern knit from corner to corner on the diagonal. And, I'm using the 5mm needles so the fabric is a little thicker than I would make if it were an afghan for snuggling on the couch but the folks at Blankets4 Canada asked for a firmer fabric so I decided to use the smaller needle. I'd like to find one of the colors in the square or maybe even black to make the rest of the blanket. I think I have enough of this color to make about a dozen squares which I'd like to scatter here & there like jewels with the rest in a solid color. This is soooooo much fun!!


Marlene said...

Diminishing eyesight, a crafter's nightmare. So far I am hanging in there with contact lenses in a "mono" configuration that works some months and not others. *sigh*

My eyesight is bad enough that I also need to have glasses around. Looks like the next pair will be bifocals.

Sharon in Surrey said...

You won't like the bifocals! They are a pain in the *&*!! Stairs are a real problem till you get really used to them since they're out of focus. I found "daylight" bulbs helpful & am replacing the lights in my craft area as well as in the computer room with them. Worth it. Big time.

Val said...

I had a set of those Denise needles and I hated them. The cables always came disconnected from the needles. So I gave them to a friend who loves them. I now have a set of the Knitpicks Options which I like very much.
Greetings from a bit north of Yarrow!