Friday, March 02, 2007

So??? I've been busy, dammit!

Remember the Heatbeat sweater I was lusting after???

Well, I ordered it & started knitting on it right away! I had an idea for a light summer sweater in a yarn I had found in the Baby yarn department at Zeller's or Wallmart. I bought a couple of balls in several colors intending to make something for a friend who was pregnant. I ended up doing something different & I had these balls of Bernat Baby in the stash. I particularly liked the lavender & thought it might work for this sweater which was designed for a poly/cotton. I wanted something very light & drapey because I'm making a LARGE sized sweater!!! TADAAA It's actually a very simple, garter design that can be adapted to any yarn, any needle & any size! Jill designed a real winner in this sweater! Go to Http:// and look under patterns! Jill has a lot of interesting bags, a hat or two & lots of specialty yarns designed for her creations. I love the fact that her sweaters come in multi-sizes & include small to MYsize!

I've also been working on my next pair of socks out of some of the bargain yarn I got from Elann. I've finished the heel increases on one sock & am now doing them on the other. You know how I like to work both socks at the same time!!! Not sure if these will actually go on my feet or if they'll go into the box of socks for charity. Maybe I should just do what Gail does & have a big box of socks knit up & let the recipient choose the ones they want! I have a great solid red that goes with this yarn to make up the toes! Yes, this is not pink, its RED.

Speaking of socks - Gail gave me a nice 100 gm ball of yarn for my birthday last year. I've wound it up into two balls - thank gawd for ball winders - & found the perfect hot pink for the toes too. The pink is a little brighter than actual in this picture - hey, I don't pretend to be a photographer!! - I know a lot of people think I'm weird after seeing some of my color choices. But, the camera lies!

And, speaking of lies - I haven't even got dressed yet & its almost noon. I lied to a client this morning - I croaked, coughed, sniffled & pinched my nose to simulate a condition I don't actually have - well, not that bad anyway. I did wake up sneezing, snuffling & blowing but I think its actually paper dust from all the stuff I'm working on. Its tax season. Let the fun begin!!

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