Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Change in Store

I looked out the door this morning as the cat ventured forth, to a bright & much improved day. The barometer must be moving towards the DRY setting because my hands don't ache this morning. Is that actually a patch of blue???? Holy Crap!!

So I scurried around, found both pairs of the Retirement Socks & took quick pictures! No matter what the packages say, rechargable battery packages LIE!! The package said they were made for cameras but they're always low when you want to shoot a picture. I'm lucky I got these!!

So, here they are. The Retirement socks at last! Just in time for the official Retirement on Friday!! I think he'll be so pleased. These are both knit with the "Sock it to Me" yarn from Elann. I got one of her bags of 10 balls at a VERY good price with my Christmas bonus money & I'm busy spreading it around!!

My next pair of socks will also be knit from this yarn with a RED toe - Just for me!! I'm not sure what this yarn will look like when its knit up - I guess that's half the fun with this computer dyed yarn - I've rarely been disappointed. Have you noticed how 'Mystery' yarn always knits up faster than 'Plain' yarn??? And dark solid colors take the longest??? I have a 100 gm ball of Regia in hot pinks, blues, turquoise etc given to me last year that I intend to knit up for myself with Hot Pink Toes next. YUMMMM

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