Saturday, February 17, 2007

Just one of those weeks

I didn't want to go to work this week & now I know why - its been one of those 'Anything that can go wrong will go wrong' kind of weeks. Nothing really went the way it should've. I forgot to close the sun roof in my car & got to SIT on my newspaper instead of reading it in order to avoid the wet spot. That horrible squeal under my hood that wouldn't go away even when I soaped the belt, turned out to be the belt below the one that I soaped & it charged my battery. I found this out when it tore itself off going around a corner! At least the car is quiet now . . . I couldn't stand the sticky, upsidedown deadbolt on my front door one more second(after nine years) so I tore the whole thing apart & tried to install a new one. Seems MY door is a half inch wider than the standard door! So I had to reinstall my old one - now I have to get used to locking my door in the right direction all over again. I think the only thing happy to see me at work this week was the Snake in my client's office. And now I have an overdue overdraft notice. I should've stayed in bed with the covers over my head!!

One thing about waiting around- you get to knit a row or two. And I've just about finished the promised Retirement Socks - two pairs of them! He retires on Friday, the 23rd. And I'll be ready! I've found some dark blue for the toes & you'll see them here first! I've even picked out the yarn for the next pair of socks. These will be for ME.

Gung Hay Fat Choi everyone - I think I'll just forget about this week & celebrate the start of a New Year with dumplings, BBQ pork & Banana rolls.

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