Sunday, February 11, 2007

A cool grey Sunday morning . . . .

I looked outside to find a pile of junk parked in the 'other' parking spot beside my driveway this morning. It looked about how I feel today. Yesterday the sun was shining, the sky was blue & I intended to spend the whole day of it indoors - SPINNING. With company of course!. After a whole day of spinning, food, good wine & laughter yesterday, I felt a little let down this morning when I looked out & saw that cool, grey day & the pile of junk. Yeah, I know who the junk belongs to but it would've been really nice if Someone(the BT) had bothered to ASK before depositing his buddy's car there. The buddy is moving to take a new job - with two weeks notice, poor guy - on the Island. Seems I now get to store the car till he gets back in March. And the BT totally doesn't understand why I'm just a little pissy . . . .

Speaking of Spinning - we really did have a good time yesterday!! As Gail mentioned, we really haven't done a lot of spinning lately. Well, I DID spend New Year's Eve & Day spinning instead of partying. But, we don't get a lot of time to get together & spin anymore. We decided we have to do it more often. Gail has the perfect house - nice woodburning stove, comfy furniture, kitties soaking up the heat on the wood floor & a view of the forest from all windows.
Karen came over from PoCo with muffins, I arrived with wine & bread while Gail cooked up low fat ravioli & smokies stuffed with spinach & feta! We toasted each other with my home made Shiraz & all was well in the world! Each of us spun up something different & we all
decided processed fibre was our favorite. We dug into that big bag - 15 pounds of Brown Sheep Mill ends - & sent Karen home with some to try out while Gail & I divided the rest of the bag. I've come to prefer the 'egg' shaped lumps of wool to the mohair/wool blend simply because they're softer. That mohair blend is like spinning silk - it just flows off the fingers with little effort & spins into a beautiful even stream of yarn. I guess thats the problem - its just too damned perfect!

And I never even thought to take the camera.

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