Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Its Tax Time Again!!!

I truly love battling the TaxMan. I love the complexities of tax & the sheer silliness of it too. Tax is like a puzzle with fuzzy pieces, sometimes they don't fit together even when they look like they should & sometimes the magic happens & they fit into place when they shouldn't. It's all a game of 'whatcha callit'. Maybe it's just the challenge. I dunno. Maybe it's just that I learn something every year.

I was out digging in my potted garden this afternoon - trimming dead things, pruning, pulling out weeds that have sprouted & throwing out the peanuts that the local squirrel keeps burying in my pots! The dirty little Rodent got into my big, hanging, succulent basket & dug up several Hen & Chicks in its search for a spot of soft dirt. I really have to watch out when I plant everything in the spring because it will take advantage of the handy loose dirt to bury new treasures. And, when I find out which neighbor supplies the intruder with said nuts, the fur will fly! It's not like that squirrel ever eats those damned nuts or even comes back to get them, it just wants to bury them in MY baskets & pots. Does anyone have a BB gun for sale???

I found my first hole in a hand knit sock the other day.
I couldn't believe it. But then, I sat there thinking about how long ago I actually knit that sock - it was more than 3 years ago, that's for sure. It might've been as long as 7 or 8 years ago that I knit that pair & they were one of the first I'd ever knit for myself. I knit for my husband, my father, boyfriend's & friend's kids but not for me. I knit my first couple of pairs in Invicta that I bought on-line from Red Bird Knits. The nearest yarn store that I knew of - other than acrylic or kitchen cotton - was in Vancouver or close to Metrotown. And the Metrotown store didn't sell sock yarns. So, I looked on line & found Red Bird. And ordered my first sock yarns. Funny how the time flies . . . . . now I can name half a dozen shops within an hour of my home that sell sock yarns.

And speaking of socks - the next pair of Retirement Socks are down to the heel shaping. I will have these ones done before he retires on the 23rd!! That's a promise.

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