Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I can't believe its almost Wednesday!

The time is really speeding by these days - have you noticed its still light at 6PM??? And it was 17 outside this afternoon!! It was actually warmer outside the warehouse where I was working than inside today. I think spring is almost sprung, or trying its best. Remember my clematis?? Here's a little reminder of spring to come.

I got my new Denise Needles on Monday. I had to rush home after work to cast-on a dishcloth just so I could try them out. I like them. The joins are smooth. Other than being afraid I'll break them, I have no problems with the connectors, buttons or ends. Too bad the cord is too thick for needles smaller than the 3.25mm - I'd like to have these for socks too!
But, I very cleverly found sets of bamboo DPs in sizes 2, thru 3.25 on Ebay for 99 cents US + shipping. So, for 6 bucks US, I got four sizes with 5 needles in each. They look an awful lot like my Brittany's which cost me $10 for one size. So, I went back & bought the same four sizes in 40" circs as well for $15 US including shipping. I do like to knit some things on small needles & these seemed too much like a bargain to me.

The heels are turned on both of my new socks! This is the one that looked very pink in the photo but you can see its actually red. And it will have a red toe!

And it looks like I've joined Blankets 4 Canada. Seems like a very worthwhile cause to me. Contributors knit squares or strips which are joined together into blankets which are donated to shelters & places where people need warmth & comfort. What a great way to contribute to a fellow human's comfort, don't you think??? Just think of all the times you knit up a swatch. Make that swatch an 8" square & send it to me. I'll find it a good home!

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