Thursday, June 21, 2007

An Odor Problem

I was given a garbage bag of Acrylic yarn. The bag was stored in a garage after the yarn was stored in a box that got wet. I should've known better & put it out for the garbage men the day after I got it, but I'm the stubborn sort & I'm cheap. So, I tried to salvage it for our stash of "squares" fodder. I left some of it out in the weather in an onion bag, to blow in the wind. I left some of it in a lawn chair to soak up the rain & dry in the sun. And I left a big pile of it in an old laundry bag - made of netting - on the corner of my patio in the wind AND rain. I soaked a few skeins in vinegar & water & hung it to dry. So far, nothing has entirely removed the smell. I think I'm beat. Too bad, a whole garbage bag of yarn would've been a real bonus for the ever-growing collection of SQUARES!! My Wednesday Nite Nitting gang decided we need 48, 8" squares to make a child's afghan for a single bed. These will be donated to a local Transition House as they're completed.

While waiting for my recycled Rayon & Silk to arrive, I've been eye-balling Arvik
again. I just received the 2007 clip & once again, it's gorgeous. It's clean, free of vm & smells good! And I just want to get spinning on it - maybe Saturday. I wish I were a shawl person, it would be soooooo easy to just give in & knit up a lacy shawl but, I'm not. Mind you, I did like the Goddess Eye shawl in one of the recent "INKnitters" magazines. It's knit from Equalateral Triangles - all sides are the same! I like the way it drapes over the shoulders without falling off & it fastens in the front with a button. The only problem is that I've spun Arvik up quite finely & knitting with too many strands would eliminate the color changes which make Arvik so special. Damn. I may just end up knitting a simple cardigan from the neck down with raglan sleeves!!! Hmmmm. Just got an idea . . . . . .

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