Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Interesting word for not doing what you're supposed to be doing! Avoiding work! I have several days of data entry sitting in boxes, piled on my desk & leaning against the wall in my home office. I'm sick to death of it all. But, I have to pay the rent. And eat. etc. And walk my buddy's pooch. And I don't want to anything except curl up with a book & a bag of fruit. Time for a holiday. It's time for a Fibery Retreat!! How come there isn't one in the Lower Mainland???

In the meantime, I spent the day spinning with my Gal-Pal Gail on Saturday when the weather couldn't make up its mind. I managed to wind off a big, fat, fluffy skein of Arvik that was already spun AND spin up another big, fat one to go with it! I took this picture in bright light to show the contrast, the yarn is actually quite a bit darker in real life!!! The lateset fleece from my favorite sheep is delicious - so far it has less color change across th fleece - I may have to go back to last year's fleece to get the variation I want for my sweater. But, I couldn't resist starting on the NEW one. The skein on the right is last year's fleece - I'm hoping that this color is just because I started on one end! I think this year's fleece is actually softer too - but that may just be my imagination.

Kathy finished her socks!!!! She knits with teeny, tiny, absolutely perfect stitches that make these look like they came off a sock machine!! Whew . . . . I'm not sure who these ones are for but they're wonderful!! Now I know Kathy has several more balls of sock yarn tucked away in her basket, hopefully, she'll knit up the Opal yarn next!

Speaking of socks - I finished the Father's Day socks but didn't post a picture. Here they are on the left in all their "Manly" glory!! I even found a nice dark blue for the toes!!
And then I thought I'd knit up the remains of the yellow OPAL that I bought for the Mother's Day socks as short sport socks for the Sock Basket.

The Sock Baske
t is Gail's idea. She knits up a whole pile of socks & they go into The Basket. When an event comes up, like birthdays or Christmas, out comes the basket & the recipient gets to chose a pair or two. I liked the idea so much I decided to create one of my own. These are a few of the socks in my Sock Basket at the moment!!

This Opal intrigued me in the ball. I can't remember if I bought it or if I got it as a gift but, it kept calling to me so I had to knit it up just to see what the heck I'd get. I haven't decided yet just how I feel about it. I think I expected something different from the ball. Stripes just seem so ordinary somehow.

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