Sunday, July 01, 2007

Got My Recycled Sari Yarns

I can't believe how fast my eBay purchases came!! Got both of them in the mail on Friday! I really love the Rayon but am not too sure about the Silk which is much darker than I expected, almost a muddy brownish yarn with flashes of color. Mind you, it's also filthy & incredibly overspun! Even the photo came out too dark & muddy to publish . . . Hopefully after I unwind it a little & wash it, things will change for the better!!!
But, the rayon shines like a jewel, even in its overspun glory. This is a picture of the skein as it came out of the package.

I spent most of last
evening & today unwinding it. I wound it into a centre-pull ball & then made a second ball of the yarn after letting it unwind. I then wound the relaxed yarn into a second centre-pull ball. I have to admit I tried to pull the fibres apart a little more in the first ball I unwound but I soon learned it wasn't a great idea. I'm not going to re-spin this - it will regain some twist as I knit it up - pulling it too thin caused the fibres to separate too much & I'm going to end up with too many knots!

I learned my lesson
& the subsequent balls are much nicer, the yarn is not as ragged & I might just order more of this to make a
bigger project! I love the colors. This yarn was a little darker in the overspun skein but when I let the yarn unwind, the colors really shone through. The yarn also softened up a great deal in the unwinding process. At this point, I guess I should re-skein the yarn & wash it - I wonder if the colors will run ???

So far, this has been a great amount of fun but unwinding all this yarn is also hard work. Pulling it all apart - my poor hands & fingers are sore & stiff!! - gives me great sympathy for the women who spun these threads into smooth, heavy yarn! It boggles the mind! I have to say, I think I'll stick to silk hankies & merino/silk blends in the future!!

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