Wednesday, July 11, 2007

July 11

It's been too hot to think. My lovely basement faces west, need I say more?? Two of my clients have had to shut down their office computers because it's too hot. I do have air conditioning in the Van but it takes time to cool down that big interior - so I generally don't even bother with it unless I'm going somewhere that takes longer than 10 minutes - so I've been spending time at any place with really good air conditioning. Yaaaaaaah - think they'd mind at Home Depot if I took in a box full of work, the calculator & my laptop??? Probably.

I finished the wild Opal socks. It's just too hot to model them!!!

July 13

What a difference a day makes! It's relatively overcast & you can actually breathe in my basement today. I started on the Sisu Fantasy socks Wednesday nite & I only have a few inches above the ribbing done but I love them already! Unfortunately, Fantasy is too heavy for short, summer socks . . . . but they'll sure be neat to wear in the fall. I'm just starting to increase for the gusset stitches but I really do like the colors - I believe this one is Jewel Tones. I can't remember for sure & the first thing I always do is lose the ball band! But, according to Lynne at KNITOPIA, the colors change so frequently that they've changed by the time you get back to buy more! S'okay with me - no one will have the same ones.

July 14

It's finally cool. The whole neighborhood is out watering, mowing, planting & moving. The kids didn't even come out to play for three days!! The BT should be moving today but he extended his stay till the end of the month due to the heatwave. I haven't felt much like spinning or knitting in the heat at all but I DO need new washcloths so I pawed thru the stash & found some kitchen cotton in pastels - oh what the heck, no one will see it 'cept me. I love the nubbyness of the garter square - just enough exfoliation to make you glow without taking off the surface of your hide. Who needs sugar or salt scrubs!!!

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