Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Coffee Break

I'm sitting in my comfy office listening to the radio trying to drown out the sound of my neighbor screaming at her screaming child. This neighborhood is getting too crowded & waaay too noisy! It used to be that I could pound on the keyboard in peace & quiet with only the sound of my windchime tinkling outside the window. Why DO people pack themselves in cheek to jowl & then spend their time screaming & blasting their cars & radios???

It was very quiet & peaceful at 1:15 AM - maybe I should work at night?? I have been contemplating a move to quieter digs but moving 3 tons of books, a room full of fibre & seventeen cupboards full of canned goods scares HELL out of me. I think it's better to have a fire. Or run away.

And I've officially finished another pair of purple infant socks - they're soooooo cute!! I've got my order in at the Dollar Max for diaper pins to go with the socks. I planned to pin them together with a pair of diaper pins! Hopefully, the Dollar Max gets pins with cute ducks or bunnies on them!!

I was knitting on my top down sweater with Arvik last evening. The BT ran his fingers over the Sweater-in-progress & announced that it was 'soft but the wrong color for you'. Wrong color?? I DON'T think so! And I wonder who the color is 'right' for?? Hmmmm?? He's moving at last!! Yeah, I'll miss him - but not THAT much . . . .

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