Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Doggin' it on Monday

Yup, I was doggin' on Monday. Shoulda bin working but headed off to the local Top News - to get my Lotto tickets checked - ya, right! I'd heard about the new Interweave Felt magazine & I just couldn't resist checking it out. So many good ideas & techniques all in one issue - so, I bought it. Like I need another magazine in my house . . . . I'm thinking about moving & really need to get rid of some junk. But, I like Interweave Press magazines & books. I have a lot of them. I've bought a lot of them. I LOVED Threads magazine when they had knitting, crochet, weaving etc as well as sewing in it. I had a subscription for years & years!! I've only bought one or two issues since they went to sewing only. Booo hoooo!! but I buy a lot of the Off Prints - I have a dozen or so. And I buy several of their magazines faithfully. Not sure if I'll buy Felt every time but the first issue is promising.

Just a little brightness in the middle of a dull post!! This is a pic of one of my poor chicks that got dug up by the Sq
uirrel who likes to bury food in my planters. Chickie was tucked into the basket with the strawberries & a Dusty Miller. Chickie then took over the basket - where's the Squirrel when you really need him???? Beside Chickie is another pot with one of her offspring right in the middle, all by her lonesome! Well, she was lonesome until some Sedum climbed in beside her. Now its a race to see who will dominate the pot!

I've added several more pairs of socks to my Little Sock collection. I've now got it down to a science & should reach my 13 pairs by the deadline easily. I'm using up a lot of little bits - I've got three big ZipLocks full - Got a couple in the BT's fav black/white or blue/white splotchy Confetti, started a pair in my Opal FISH remnants & two pairs in Elann's Sock it to Me in red/blue/green/white. The only way to knit these is in a big bunch so you don't forget how - who knows?? maybe I'll get even more of them done up in time.

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