Friday, July 27, 2007

Oh My Itching Eyes . . . .

There's nothing like a good eye infection to make your summer!
I went from scratchy & itchy to goopy in a couple of days - I really thought it was allergy, then I was getting a sore red lump in one eye - a stye? but, I think Karen's diagnosis of Pink Eye was probably closer to the truth! There was NO way I was gonna go sit in the doctor's office for an hour to be told to put that sticky Polysporin Occular in them as well!! I checked it on the Internet & changed the towels, bought anti-bacterial soap, got a new box of kleenex to blot my goopy eyes & washed, washed, washed . . . . Took one whole day & I can see again!! This morning all the swelling is gone & the lump is no longer painful! Let this be a lesson to you - DO NOT continue to wipe drippy eyes over & ov
er with the same old kleenex in your pocket!

Another lovely day & I don't want to work! Is this old age?? A virus?? Perhaps the 'I need a holiday' worm??? If the BT EVER gets a settlement from his car accident over TWO YEARS ago, I'm taking my share for a month long holiday!! I'm going to spin & spin & spin!! In the meantime, my little sock project is coming along very nicely - at least something is!!! I dug out all the sock leftovers & it's been a riot trying out this one & that one - you certainly don't need a lot of yarn for little socks! They're so small the larger patterns are lost in the knitting so I'm trying to concentrate on the busier or narrower striped yarns to make them more interesting. Here's a sampling of the ones already knit.

And I've actually started knitting up my Arvik handspun. It's knit from th
e top down in that 'Legal Loopholes' pattern by Medrith Glover - bless that woman for the larger designs she creates!!! I've only got the neck shaping & one complete round of increases in place but I think I'll just knit it up in plain knit to show off its color & softness. I want a basic sweater to throw on when the evenings turn a little cool or to wear to work when I just want a little extra warmth. I can always double-stitch something in silk if I think its too plain later . . .

I've been asked for a pair of BLUE socks. I have three kinds of blue in my collection at the moment - besides t
he last ball of the blue/white splotchy Confetti so beloved by the BT which I am forbidden to use!! Not sure which is the more appropriate - this is for a woman but I'm hesitant to use the one with the turquoise in it since I really like it so much . . . I Just know if I knit it up, the colorway will be discontinued & I won't get any for ME. Maybe I'll just check the stash one last time to see if anything else is lurking in the back somwhere.

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