Saturday, July 21, 2007

Summer Rain

I've enjoyed the rain this week & I don't care what anyone thinks - we needed that rain!! Now that everything has greened up again, the forest fire hazard has lowered, my jungle has exploded into growth & all the computers are turned on, we can go back to sunshine! It was actually nice being able to work at client sites with the computers ON this week - we literally had to shut 'em down at the worst of the heatwave because they were crashing. Not a good way for a contractor to make any money to support her fibre habit!!!

I've been knitting baby socks this week. They're almost more trouble than they're worth. I think I could've knit up a pair of men's socks in the time it took me to knit up 3 pairs of teeny, tiny foot covers. I got wind of the last call for infant socks to be sent to Afghanistan. They want newborn socks for a medical clinic - the newborns are sent home with warm socks & hats. They want them in natural fibres with heels - no booties. I guess they want them to stay on - I know booties are a pain & NEVER stay on. But - have you turned heels in newborn socks lately??? I knit the first two pairs up in handspun - I wanted something colorful but soft. Most of my handspun is a bit too bulky or not soft enough for baby socks, except for Arvik. And I don't want to send DARK GREY socks . . . So I decided to just use up the commercial sock yarn leftovers instead. I just finished some wild red/blue/green ones & love them. I'm using 28 stitches & a modified Queen Kahuna heel for them - I CANNOT imagine picking up stitches along a heel flap for these things!!!! OMG I've only turned the heel using three stitches on either side & then short-rowed the balance of the gusset but it's enough to make a defined heel. They are cute. And I hope to knit up a baker's dozen before August 15th when I need to get them in the mail to It's an interesting way to use up some leftovers!!

I started to knit a sweater with Arvik. I've knit it up with TWO singles in a TOP-DOWN pattern called LEGAL LOOPHOLES by Medrith Glover. This is your standard Polo Shirt style sweater wit a twist - there are more increases to the front & back than to the sleeves. This means the sweater fits a larger size body without having extra bulk under the arms or having the armholes halfway to the waist in order to get a larger circumference. I thought I'd knit it up as a cardigan using her method since I just want something to throw over my shoulders to run out to the store when its chilly. I want it simple & I want it now. Good reason to knit a raglan top-down sweater!! I have enough Arvik to make several sweaters so I thought I'd just knit up some of it to see how it looks - I've been busy spinning Arvik for so long that I wasn't sure how much I actually had spun up but upon examination, I think I have enough for a couple of simple sweaters! And its so soft & lofty!! I think I love Arvik all over again . . . . .

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