Sunday, August 05, 2007

It's been a LOOOOOONG Weekend

The BT is finally moved. For over a month, he had a space he could've started moving into a little at a time but he did nothing till he found out the landlord-to-be had another tenant in the wings. Then it was GO GO GO for two days until he exhausted & crippled himself. Found him Friday morning bent over, spasming, sleep deprived & starving. He found some canned goods but couldn't find anything to open them with, lost his pillows & finally called for help. He also remembered that he'd promised to house-sit over the long weekend back when he was supposed to have moved by July 15th . . . . . And guess who was nominated to clean out the roomette he'd abandoned???
Yeah, you guess it.

His mom & I went in on Saturday to find all his electronic wires still plugged into the walls - not going to hook up that surround sound tv, stereo or computer any time soon without them, his wallet & fanny pack on the shelf & all the bathroom stuff still in the cabinet. Apparently no one cleaned out the fridge either. She & I worked for 4 hours till it got too hot. I worked again on Sunday till it got too hot. I've packed & moved all the boxes, hauled the garbage & cleaned the bathroom. I hope he gets a BIG SETTLEMENT from ICBC because a BIG chunk of it's going to be coming to me so I can have a nice LONG WEEKEND somewhere far, far away from him!

I'm too tired to do ANYTHING with fibre !!

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