Friday, August 17, 2007

Where'd it Go???

Nothing like losing a whole Post!! I hate this word verification thing that Blogger has tagged onto my Blog - it appeared all of a sudden & drives me crazy. I lose more postings to this thing!! Hopefully, I've kicked it off for good!!!!

Haven't accomplished much of anything this past week. I've become addicted to a stupid puzzle game & I finally gave it the boot this afternoon as well. I just hate it when a game devourers all your time & energy & nothing gets done. Begone, evil game - I DID enjoy blowing up all those bombs though . . . .

I've finished another four pair of baby socks! These ones are just a wee bit tinier than the previous ones - they're asking for 2.5 to 3.5" foot - these ones are 2.5" for sure! And soooo cute. I think I could turn out a real big boxfull at the rate I'm going. I may just keep on churning these out as a sideline with all the leftovers I'm producing with my Adult socks.

I've joined the Icelandic Shawl KAL. I really liked the shawl when I first saw it a couple of months ago & sent a copy to Gail when she was looking for a shawl to knit. I bumped into it again & thought, Why Not?? And then I discovered the Yahoogroup! So, what the heck . . . . I haven't decided exactly what to knit it with - I could spin & dye my own yarn but I'm not really fussy about browns, tans & their Autumnal ilk. I'm a Summer person & I like hot pinks, purples, blued reds, turquoise & bright blues. But, I suspect the true charms of the shawl lay in it's natural color palette. Having said that, there's no point in spending all that time knitting something that's not flattering. So, I decided to check the basket to see if I have any handspun which might fit the bill.

I could knit it with Arvik. I have lots of skeins already spun up & its somewhere between lace & fingering in weight. It has a large range of color from light grey to almost black BUT, I didn't separate the colors & the yarn is varregated & a little rustic looking. I wanted rustic when I spun it, I wasn't thinking of fancy lace shawls at the time.

I have the Aurelia Purple Passion. It's merino & silk with a soft, lovely feel & wants to be a shawl according to Gail. Although it's sock weight SIZE, I think it'll knit up more like a sport weight because it's quite fluffy.

I have another, lighter Purple which has a lot of pink & blue combined with it. It's also silk & merino but spun much thinner so it should knit to a sock weight. I don't have as much as I do of the Purple Passion but it should be pretty close.

My third Purple is a greyed purple. It's merino & has undertones of pale pink, garnet & blue. I originally bought it for socks but thought it much too soft & pretty for them after I spun it up. There's the same weight as the lighter Purple & should be enough for a shawl.

So many decisions & soooooo little time. As if I didn't have enough to do - one of the gals from my sock group came back from holidays with some gorgeous Alpaca yarn. She bought enough to knit an AFGHAN!! We talked her out of that & suggested she knit a simple cardigan instead. Mind you, she did say it was to be HER afghan to snuggle into when she's reading . . . Anyway, she brought back a bag of Alpaca fleece - she got it for free! It ended up coming home with ME.

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