Thursday, August 09, 2007

It's Almost the Weekend Again!

Well, this has been the week that was! I hauled MORE boxes yesterday, the BT finally has pillows & pots. I even gave in & bought milk, eggs, cheese, coke, bread, coffee & margerine for his empty, empty fridge. I'll get back there with the frozen stuff later on tonite I guess & toss in the two patio chairs taking up half my patio as well. My life is almost back to normal!! Maybe I can get some spinning done this weekend!

Speaking of Spinning -
Gail & I were talking about all the fibre we've been accumulating in the last couple of years. We have the good, the bad & the ornery. Both of us have some fleece bought before we really knew what good wool was - I really hate to throw anything useful away! I have the yummy Arvik which is earmarked for a specific use. And, although we love our Merino/Silk blends & some of the gorgeous stuff we've splurged on at Spin-Ins, Fibre events & Retreats, we decided the Brown Sheep mill ends from the Sheep Shed were the best deal around.

I'm turning the heels on sock #12
for the dozen or so pairs of baby socks I pr
omised for the Afghanistan box. They've got to be the cutest little things you ever saw!!! I managed to get three pairs out of this purple. I actually have about 6 pairs in various shades of purple if you count the ones made out of my Opal 'FISH' leftovers. What a great way to use up all the leftover sock yarns - who knows, I may just keep on knitting them for a couple local charity boxes!! After all, charity begins at home!

Haven't done a thing on my Arvik sweater beyond the first set of increases. I HAVE fondled the little I DID get time to knit but didn't get to add anything more to it. I have the feeling I'll have forgotten the pattern by the time I get back there . . . . . sigh.

I pre-ordered (read PRE-PAID!!) the new Twisted Sisters Sweater book! And I can't wait till it actually gets here! Had a sneak peak at a little of it when Knitters Magazine sent me a preview. Got to SEE a few pictures & LOOK at some text but I can't actually READ it. Not very nice to show me pages I can't read . . . good thing I have their first book & know how great their stuff is! I feel like a kid waiting for Hallowe'en, dammit. I want it & I want it NOW!!!!

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