Thursday, August 23, 2007

They Asked for my Opinion

Gee, I won at Starbucks yesterday. I got the BIG receipt that gives me the opportunity to tell the Big Cheese at Head Office what I think of Starbucks. This could take a while . . . . . I have to admit I used to be an addict. The BT & I LIVED at the place for a couple of years waaaay back when we were bums for a summer. We knew everyone who came & went. We socialized with the girls who worked there. For one golden summer everyone got along with everyone else & the whole crowd pulled together to solve not only a security problem at the store but helped each other personally. From cop to drug dealer, we all coffee'd together in perfect harmony & worked on our tans. It was the most incredible social club I've ever joined. Of course, as with anything wonderful, it eventually all fell apart. And we stopped going there. Yesterday we went back for a coffee. Didn't recognize anyone working or sitting there. Half the tables are gone. The bathroom is locked. There's a hot air blower instead of paper towels in the bathroom. And the coffee has changed. They say you can't ever go back . . . And they want me to give my opinion!!!

Haven't done much this week but knit baby socks. I now have 17 pairs completed & will probably have 20+ pairs when they get mailed next week. Right now I'm aiming for 20. I still can't find diaper pins so I may just buy large safety pins instead. I have to fasten my socks together in pairs so I thought I'd do it with something handy like pins! I WAS a good idea at the time!!!

I think I'll use my greyed Purple for the Icelandic Shawl pattern. I thought the pattern would stand out better in the softer color - I think there's too much color in the other two & well, I'd like a color that goes with just about anything - I may even wear it!!

When all this sock madness is behind me, I want to get back to my top-down cardigan in Arvik as well. I intend to wear that sweater this fall to the Desert Mesa retreat, dammit!! Even if I have to finish it in the car on the way - Gail can drive!!!!

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