Saturday, June 09, 2007

Another Wet Saturday

I haven't had a shower in three long days! On my way in the other day after work, I heard the sound of running water. My first thought was the toilet flapper'd got stuck open again but no, it was the hot water tank. Had to shut the water off. And I hadn't had time that morning for a full shampoo, just did the face, teeth & hands & ran out the door. CRAP. Now it's Saturday afternoon & they're finally disconnecting the rusted out hulk & replacing it. I suppose it was a mixed blessing. The nice man offered a $50 service job on the furnace while he was here & found the innerds needed adjusting & the thermocouple was almost toast! And you know when THAT baby would go - in the middle of the night in a raging snow storm on a long weekend . . . . . . !The cat has the right idea! Curl up in a blanket & sleep!!! I knit this Log Cabin style blanket out of all the odds & ends I had laying about including a few leftovers from Value Village & it's ilk. The cat spends more time curled up in it than I do. Sometimes I come home to find the back end of the cat sticking out of a great ball with the front end inside. And other times I just find a tail. This is a pic of her being cute & cuddly - it doesn't happen often.

Not much knitting going on around here although the Father's Day socks have one heel turned & the other in progress. I'm using the 'Sock it to Me' yarn from Elann for these which is much thinner than Regia or Opal but a lot nicer for summer socks. It does full a little when washed the first time but not to the extent that most yarns do. The pattern is similar to all of the Elann yarns I bought but is in brown/blue/black & white this time. I'm thinking about a dark blue or black toe since the pattern is so busy. Lucky for me, the BT's dad will wear any sock I knit - no matter what the color!! Now, there's a man who knows what side his socks are buttered . . . .

I fell in love with Sisu Fantasy after knitting up that Fantasy that Laura found for 99 cents in the thrift store. I went out looking for it & found this delicious combo at KNITOPIA, in White Rock. The colorway that Laura found is now discontinued - sob - but this one caught my fancy so I bought enough for a pair of socks for ME. This will be my next pair.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . . . . so many socks & so little time!

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