Monday, May 28, 2007

It's Summer at Last

The BT's mom decided she didn't like Clematis last year after several years of growing them on the lattice outside the family room! She dug them up & gave them to me early last summer. I managed to get a nice show of flowers & then pruned them hard.

These are the first blooms of the summer!! The centre one was first & is the size of a bread & butter plate!! I have two more colors, one is a light purple & one is white with a light green centre. The white one will have to compete with the Scarlet Runner beans this year for trellis space.
A few years ago I bought one of those hanging half-shell baskets lined with coconut fibre. The only thing that has thrived in it are these rock garden Sedum(in the back) & the Hen & Chicks( in the front). The Hen & Chicks are doing so well that the local squirrel keeps digging them up & carrying them off!! I keep transplanting the babies elsewhere & now have Chicks bigger than the Hen they grew from. This basket hangs beside my front door. I broke down & bought three more Hen & Chicks varieties this year - I have plans to plant them all in an old Strawberry pot.

Not much knitting going on around here with all this lovely sunshine but I have been producing squares for the first afghans - we've decided to make a couple at a time. I bought two huge balls of bright blues to add to the mix. This one is more Turquoise than Teal & the other is a bright shade of Royal blue. But both will add a nice touch to the collection.

I found a couple of balls of Sisu Fantasy in colors I love down in Knitopia in White Rock last Thursday nite. I'd heard Knitopia opens its doors to knitters, spinners & hookers on Thursday evenings from 7 - 9, so I picked up Gail & Lynne(moved from Prince George to Cloverdale) & we headed down to knit for a couple of hours - we also wanted to look for some yarn!! As if we don't have enough . . . . Come one, come all!! Just bring a cushion for your fanny - those wooden chairs get damned hard!!!!

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Marlene said...

"Doesn't like Clematis". Is that possible? They're gorgeous. I would like to get some for my own yard. Seems everyone around here but me has one variety or another.