Wednesday, May 02, 2007

And the Beat goes on . . .

Well, the tax season is almost over for another year! I say ALMOST because now I have all my self-employed - including Moi - to do. But, these are the real fun part of all this. No, folks, I am NOT smoking funny tobacco. Small business tax is an adventure. It's my favorite because I like a challenge.

Speaking of challenges, I'm back working on my Heartbeat sweater from Just One More Row, again. I & the rest of the Knit-Along gang at Ample Knitters discovered to our dismay that this sweater is lovely when knit in a small or medium size but not so lovely when sized up to a much larger size. The sweater can be expanded to any size but the neck & shoulders expand along with it. So?? What's the problem you say?? Well, I don't know about you but I don't want a V-neck to my belly button! I want that part of my anatomy COVERED, thank you!
So, some of us have come up with variations which we hope will salvage the sweater. One gal put so many extra rows of stitching into the neck opening that it now looks like a small yoke. But, it closes it up so she can wear it. I decided to make a smaller sweater resulting in a smaller neck opening & make it larger by increasing the garter panels at each side before picking up the sleeve stitches. Someone else has decided to limit the increases on either side of the neck opening to every fourth row instead of every second. Hopefully we ALL get wearable sweaters!

And I've finished the two pairs of socks for Laura. I used one 100 gm ball of Opal & half a ball of blue & green for the toes.

I started MY Opal socks - the red & white yarn with a little black that looks a lot like the yarn for my Ladybug socks. But, I can't find the bag I put them into . . . !! I'm blaming it on menopause!

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