Thursday, May 17, 2007

Everybody's doin' it

So I went to the Fibre Fest along with everyone else that's writing a blog 'cept for poor Ev, stuck in the Okanagan. I see everyone's bragging about what they snagged, so I thought I might as well join in too. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to park close to the door on Saturday - considering I was hauling a granny cart, knitting bag, six pack of flavored cold water & my Mud Valley clone.(spinner) I had saved up my Toonies for months so I could buy whatever my little heart desired!! Its my secret stash - I save all my Toonies in a can & then whenever a fiber event or trip happens, it's like FREE money!!

And, I came with some definite purchases in mind. I wanted more silk hankies.
I wanted Hibiscus merino.

I wanted to take another look at the Triangle loom I saw last year. Well, I got the silk hankies - 3 bags full!!! at Twist of Fate. I got the Hibiscus Merino - 2 big bags at Aurelia!!! And I was seduced by the Purple Passion - merino & silk blend(top pic) - also at Aurelia. And I found my favorite but elusive dyes in Magenta(menopause purple) & Cyan(Flaming Turquoise) in a kit called Mother
MacKenzie's dye kit. BONUS!!

, I DID go see the Triangle Loom & watch a demo of the same technique in a little Lap Loom. I'm now mulling over what I should do - get the Lap Loom which would be ever so portable but I have to put all those squares together, get the 4' Triangle Loom which would let me do it faster but its not adjustable or hold out for the big adjustable 7' Triangle Loom which will fold down to 4' . Decisions, decisions . . . one thing I do know, I love the technique & am NOT interested in any loom that takes days to warp!! I did get cards though, so when I DO make up my mind, I can get what I want.

Didn't do ANY spinning at Fibre Fest although I dragged along the spinner. My thumbs were just too darned sore - OMG, is this a warning of things to come???? Hope not. I did finish the Mother's Day socks. She has her black outfits, her blue outfits, her pink & her brown outfits. I figure she can wear these with at least two of them!! This is Opal which looked rather interesting in the ball. The BT's mom likes short socks so I can usually get two pairs out of a 100gm ball if I put on solid or contrasting toes. I'm not particularly fond of this color or pattern so I knit the whole pair out of Opal. I have enough left to turn the heels on another pair & some Kroy in the same shade of dark yellow to finish the foot if she likes the color. I suspect she will since she'll take anything I knit . . .

And, last but not least, I'm in the process of finishing up the sort of 'ladybug' socks for me. The heels are turned on both socks so there's just the mindless foot knitting left! I like the color even though they aren't nearly as interesting as the Rainforest 'Ladybug' socks with their random thick & thin strips. They are still fun & very reminiscent of the 'Ladybugs' - this may've been the test pattern, who knows. I do have some of both yarns left so I may knit a couple of patchwork 'Frankensocks' of the two just for fun!! And I think I even have some extra red for the toes too . . . . .

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