Sunday, May 06, 2007

I should be working

Found my Opal socks! this was an accidental discovery because I was actually looking for something else at the time. In my house, any horizontal surface is fair game for books, fibre, project boxes, etc - I was so glad to go spinning at Karen's house yesterday because, apparently, we both have the same decorator!!!
But, as I said, I found my Opal socks. The pattern is very reminiscent of the "Ladybug" pattern from the first 'Rainforest' collection. I guess that's why I pounced on that particular ball. I pounced on a purple ball of Opal too - it's similar to the red one so it may knit up the same but, who knows??? Every sock is an adventure!

Ginny Revisited - I AM determined to get rid of my ratty old Fuschia sweater ASAP. It's really looking baaaaaad but , dammit, it's just so cozy. I love the way it wraps around me in its stretched out, tatty, bodiless way & if it weren't for all the catches, pills & pulls - well, I'd wear it for another year!!! But, Gail is disgusted with me & The Boytoy has threatened to burn it - soooo, I've dug out the multi-toned, purple, Ginny's Sweater by Medrith Glover. I've finished one sleeve, am working down the second & have the body knit almost to the hip. Since this dips to a point in the front & back, I have to fill in the triangular sections from upper hip to the front & back hems & then figure out what kind of finish to use for the front opening & neck edge. I haven't done any I-cord yet so this may be the place to learn. But, maybe, I'll just crochet the edge in single crochet so I can wear it that much sooner . . . . . . And I'll make a shawl to wrap around me when I need something to snuggle in at home. I'm still spinning on my Arvik fleece but I'm also thinking about starting to knit the sweater as well. Arvik deserves something simple & plain to show off the color & texture - hey, this will be my first handspun sweater!!!

Laura sucked me into knitting yet another pair of socks. She found a ball of Sisu Fantasy in a thrift store for 99 cents! The colors were so fantastic that I just wanted to knit it up immediately - so I did. I just love the colors & had to make the toes in this hot pink Sisu that I bought for toes. The toe color is not quite as thick as the other yarn but I think its a perfect match for color so nothing else would do!! Laura is going to have to learn how to knit if she wants any more socks!!! The next pair is going to the BT's mom for Mother's Day!

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