Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another Cold Wet Day on the Coast

I had intended to work this weekend & leave the roads to all the folks who like to spend time in traffic jams or line-ups on holidays such as this. I started out with good intentions but the best laid plans & all that . . . . I traded my little white car for the Safari van yesterday after the mechanic finished up fixing all the bits & pieces that needed doing. So nice to cruise home in comfort after driving a noisy, fume belching, beater!!! It made the day better after beating my brains out trying to get into an accounting package on a computer with only about 5% memory left to run the thing. No go. Tried to email the saved files to my home computer - files corrupted! Couldn't save the files to disk - too big! Can't back them up - program won't open!! Grrrrr. At least I got the van! Figured I'd go back & rip the files out of that damned computer on Sunday - I have several more tricks up my sleeve!! Just couldn't get it in gear. I don't want to go out in the rain. The cat wouldn't even go outside, she curled up in my log cabin afghan instead & purred. Ya think she knows something I don't???

I finished the Opal 'Ladybugish' socks. The color is very similar to my other 'Ladybug' socks but the black/white patterned area in this colorway is even & regular, unlike that of the Rainforest 'Ladybug' colorway - but I love them anyway! I'm thinking I may just combine the leftovers from the two pairs & knit a pair of 'Ladybug' Frankensocks with red toes for the winter to come. Yes Virginia, that's the Queen's heel again.

I promptly started the new 'Father's Day' socks for the BoyToy's dad. Hey, I'm giving myself more than the three days I gave myself for the Mother's Day ones!! I'm knitting these ones up on my bamboo skewer needles so they're just a little looser. The Bamboos work out to a 2.5mm size while my usual ones are 2mm. These are for a Diabetic with ankles that swell so I want to make sure he has NO binding at the ankle at all.

And I made four more squares for the charity blankets this week in the fun color I found in the stash. I have one more big ball of it left in the bag & two HUGE balls of different shades of blue - bought in the bargain bin at Walmart!! Both of the blue balls match one of the colors in the square. I think the next blanket will be a Log Cabin blanket, with each square knit on top of the one before, so we don't have to sew anything together! I'm trying very hard to knit one square per day while watching tv before I go onto any other project so I get a big supply of them. My sock knitting buddies are also knitting squares so, that with any luck, we'll have a couple of blankets ready to donate by the end of the summer!! They'll go to a local Transition House.

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