Friday, September 07, 2007

Friday morning

This week has given me taste of fall. The mornings are chilly but it's summer again by lunch. You need two changes of clothes per day or a warm sweater & sandals in your bag at all times. I was contemplating that Icelandic shawl but I've decided to finish my Arvik sweater instead. It's the sort of light but warm item that I really need right now.

I'm using Medrith Glover's Legal Loopholes pattern as my inspiration - Legal Loopholes is a short sleeved, raglan pullover that has additional clever increases for the front & back sections that don't affect the sleeves. This adds width to the body without adding unwanted bulk to the arms & armholes.

I thought the Legal Loopholes idea should transfer into a cardigan easily. I just want it lighter, longer, a little wider in front - to cover excess boobage & with three quarter sleeves. And all in one piece of course - I hate sewing things together!!

So, today I decided the sweater has priority. I started the neck shaping back in July & knit the first few increases & one set of the Loopholes increases. Then I got caught up with the baby socks project & it sat until this morning. When I tried to figure out where I was, I realized I'd goofed & had to tink back about 8 rows to get started again . . . . . sigh. But, the knitting goes very quickly on 5mm Denise needles with two strands of lace weight handspun. I got back on track & am now just completing my second set of Loophole increases.

Most raglan sweaters shape the back of the neck for a few rows & then add some extra stitches for the fronts. This pattern just goes straight into the front shaping & I'm now seriously concerned about whether this will work for a cardigan. Mind you, I rarely button a cardigan & would probably always wear it open in the front. Maybe I'm worrying for nothing. Something to consider though - oh well, I'll continue to knit & try it on when I've got my shoulders covered. At the rate this is knitting up, I should be down to the armholes by the end of the weekend.

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