Saturday, September 22, 2007

Is that Sunshine??

Well, it's been a cold, clammy week in my neck of the woods! The thermostat in my new-to-me Van is malfunctioning - another thing to get fixed!! The mornings are definitely wintry - cool enough to kill off most of my petunias but warm enough by the afternoon to make the zucchini flower again. Definitely wool weather! And I can't believe September is almost over!

Still plugging away on my Arvik sweater - I've added another 3 inches to it in the last week as well as finishing another pair of baby socks for the basket. My Ginny's Sweater, in shades of purple - the picture lies!!! - is next on the pile to be finished! I've actually measured it up to see if I could knit like crazy this weekend & finish it!! I think I could just about do it. Every morning this week I needed a sweater to wear & ended up dragging out my old Fuchsia acrylic sweater. I look like a bag lady when I wear it because it's so stretched out & full of pulls!! What is it they say about the mechanic driving the worst car????

I've been accepted into Ravelry - I must've applied a long time ago & forgotten or someone signed me up. I accepted the invitation because I wanted to find out what all the Hoo Haw is about. Not entirely sure what it's really all about but I have to do more research. I also joined the Langley Spinner's & Weaver's Guild this week. I've been ambivalent about joining another Guild after my experience in the last but apparently this one is different according to several member friends!! Actually, I shouldn't complain - I'm already signed up for the first Spinning Retreat organized by the guild for March. And speaking of Retreats, the Desert Mesa retreat is less than a month away. A little birdie told me that Desert Mesa is going to expand into a Spring Retreat as well - good news!! The Fall Retreat was filled up so quickly that some of the regulars couldn't get in this year! I wasn't able to afford to go last year but really enjoyed the experience the year before. So glad I was able to go this time & travel with a couple of goofy friends as well. I'm sure we'll have a ball!! Now to figure out what to bring for the gift exchange . . . . .

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