Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday in the Rain

Another week has come & gone & I'm not sure just what I've accomplished. The washing & dishes are done & I know I've worked all week including Saturday but Just What Have I Accomplished??? Nothing. I feel like I'm in a bubble & Life is passing me by. And I'm not even sure exactly how I feel about it. Or, Am I supposed to feel something ??? Oh well, to hell with Philosophy & on with Knitting!

I did finish my Sisu Fantasy socks. They've been washed & are now hanging up drying. I loved the colorway when I bought it but it felt a little thicker than the Regia, Opal & Confetti I've been using so I knit it up on my 2.5mm skewer needles instead of my 2.25mm ones. I may've made an error but we'll see when they dry. It's amazing what a difference a simple .25mm can make!!

And I've been knitting on my Arvik sweater. I have no idea how to make it grey instead of this awful brown in the photo!! I only know how to point & shoot - obviously it's the wrong light!! But, it's actually shades of grey. You can see the colors in the last post. If you remember, it's knit from the neck down in one piece using Medrith Glover's Legal Loopholes as my inspiration. I'm using two singles of handspun in a lace weight to equal a sport weight in volume but maybe a baby yarn in actual weight. It's light & airy & knit in plain stockinette - I may put a seed stitch border on the bottom & cuffs but I'll have to wait & see how it actually looks when it's long enough.

I finally got my box of books from Amazon!! I pre-ordered the new Twisted Sisters Sweater book in June & added three more books to my order before it actually arrived this week. I'm quite excited about the Twisted Sisters book even though I've only glanced through it - they've used a variety of small to large models with the actual sweaters on!!! I got Lacy Little Knits - I fell in love with the Diagonal Lace Cardigan at the left, The Opinionated Knitter - need I say more???? & the Big Girl Knits. I really wanted the shaping techniques of BGK & the simplicity of EZ so I could start to design knitwear for myself for a change. I have the Boobs & the Belly to adjust for unless I starve for a year!! And that ain't gonna happen.

I particularly liked the shaping & lace pattern in this sweater & thought I could knit it for myself quite easily. Hey, it even goes up to a 62" bust!! I don't like the top of the sleeve - I think it has too much fabric & bunches under the arms but I think it's easy to correct by just picking up fewer stitches before knitting the sleeves. There's actually a couple of other sweaters that really grab me in the book as well - one's also a V-neck designed for boobs & belly. I find some of the styles to be a little strange or way too young but I'm supporting the book because it goes in the right direction. It talks frankly about generous proportions, tells you how to measure correctly. tries very hard to offer some real options & designs for real large women.

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spinquilt said...

Wow you have really been working on your sweater. I guess it will be done for the retreat.