Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Back in my Own Bed!

I've never been a good traveller. I like going places & seeing new things - don't get me wrong - but I hate sleeping in a strange bed. Even when I have my own pillows & blanket, I don't sleep very well. And, well, I get a bit cranky when I'm sleep deprived!! And, it takes a couple of days to get my sunny nature back. (shut up Gail & Karen)

Other than the lack of sleep, I enjoyed the Desert Mesa Retreat! The food is always good - just like mom used to make!!! I took my sock-in-progress along to knit in the truck - Gail got to drive this year!! I was able to see the details I never get to see when I'm the driver - like the little bushes that turn bright red & dot the hillsides between the sagebrush & the low grasses. I didn't recognize Big Horned Sheep on the side of the road - hey, I've never seen one in the flesh before! I did knit a little on my socks but I was so busy yakking & looking that they're still unfinished.

Desert Mesa sold out this year. We had several people sleeping outside in the parking lot so they could attend. The three vendors brought lots of goodies - I bought "Knitted Kimonos" which I'd been eye-balling for some time! A little tussah silk from another - I do love silk! And some silk & merino from the third just because it was a new-to-me colorway. One of our new spinners has taken up raising Mohair goats & brought some of her luscious dyed fibre - I bought three bags of colored roving! Support your local farmer I say!!

I also received a very special gift from the estate of Lee Bennett, one of our local fibre artists. Her personal library was donated to the spinners attending the retreat this year - we each picked one to enjoy in her honor. Thank you Bennett family.

At Retreat, there's always someone creating something you never thought of. And the lace shawls, OMG!! Spinners are woodworkers - look at the restored wheels & handmade spindles; they're weavers - some are wearing jackets & suits from handmade cloth; they're knitters & crocheters - so many wild socks, sweaters, scarves & hats & they're musicians - one spinner even brought her harp to entertain us as we turned fibre into yarn. So many talented people in a very small place. And our lone male spinner, Bill, tunes up all the wheels - even my old Indian Spinner clone though he'd like to chop it into firewood . . . . . my baby got a new belt this year!

All in all, it was a busy weekend, with sunshine & laughter, the renewal of friendships, new toys & a great trip both ways. No rain at all till we hit Home - isn't that always the way???? Since Blogger is being testy this morning, I can't post pictures but I can fix that next time!

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