Saturday, October 06, 2007

Houston, We have Sleeves

My first handspun sweater now has sleeves. Three-quarter sleeves. I'm always pushing them up so why not just knit shorter ones?? I want this as a work sweater anyway so it's light, dark & plainly knit. I love the way the range of greys from the Arvik fleece creates a mottled, stippled & striped fabric - I have plans to knit another sweat
er or maybe a shawl out of more of this lovely wool. Now if I could just learn to adjust the light to get a true color of the handspun I've created . . . .

I dug thru the stash & found a couple of balls of Confetti yarn in greys & a bright blue. The world has
turned dreary, damp & grey so I thought some color would brighten up my part of it. Yeah, I could wear the hot reds & yellows of Mexiko but I think I'd like bright blues or turquoises instead. Maybe even throw in some hot pinks for effect - Hmmmm - maybe some dyeing is in order . . . . . .

By the way, the actual color of my sweater is in the picture behind the sock yarn. Isn't it gorgeous????

I have wheels again!! My favorite mechanic took it away & loaned me his red rocket for a couple of days - oh my, could that thing go!!! But, I have my wheels back with HEAT, a windshield washer & a new gizmo to open my gas flap without resorting to needle-nosed pliers. I DO love handy men!!!

Congratulations to Marlene ( for winning not ONE but TWO blog contests!!!

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