Monday, October 08, 2007

It's Official Thanksgiving Day

And it's just another day in the Spinster basement suite. It's damp, it's cold & I'm coughing - again. I used to love these holiday mornings because I'd get up, drink strong tea & spin or knit while watching the Home & Garden channel or Newsworld. But I got a second-hand movie stuck in the VCR - which is also my channel converter - & now I have only 2 thru 13! Have you ever tried to find a Converter for an old tv?? Even the Pawn Shops won't bother with them. My little 14" JVC tv is an antique with a picture & color so sharp I won't throw it out. But it doesn't have an internal converter & I'm suffering from withdrawl. I love H&G, History, CBC Newsworld, PBS & Knowledge Network. I miss the British Antiques Roadshow in the mornings, sigh. I know I'm supposed to be thankful but I'm finding it hard these days.

Got two invites to snarf down turkey with all the trimmings today but I think I'll hide at home with a book & my wooly afghan. There are times when you just want peace, quiet & comfort. I just don't feel like being sociable today so I think I'd rather read. Or maybe I'll put on a recorded book & finish those grey & blue socks which are ready to have their heels turned.

And even if I'm not waving a flag or yelling out loud, I'm thankful to all of the folks who spend their days looking out for my well-being & safety even if we don't know each other. I know you don't get paid what you're worth but I'm thankful you're there when I need you!

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DHJ Design Studio said...

Hi Sharon,

Have you tried asking on your local Freecycle list? Someone might have a VCR that they want to get rid of. My old TV is still working just fine too so I have it connected to a VCR too. In fact the VCR that I'm using right now was bought at Walmart for $59.