Sunday, November 18, 2007

Another Day, Another Dollar

wasn't even over before the Christmas decorations & advertising started! And have you noticed, it isn't referred
to as 'Christmas' anymore????!!! Was listening to NW980, I believe it was Bill Goode's show about 'Christmas' & Political Correctness . . . . when an Asian caller told us that he traveled extensively & found most of the world celebrated 'Christmas'! People decorate their houses, trees & wear Santa hats to celebrate even though they're of other faiths. He said that "only in 'Christian' North America" was there all this fuss about not calling it 'Christmas'. He couldn't believe it. I agree with him. I'm sick of Political Correctness & I don't give a damn. However you celebrate whatever you call it - it's a little more than a month away!! And I still have socks to knit.

The wild socks are DONE!
See, wild yar
n knits faster. It's a Scientific FACT. The never-ending socks are still on the needles while a second pair of socks are done & a third are almost to the heel shaping!!! My next pair are 'manly' socks in greys & brown with a teeny stripe of white or light grey or light brown. I know they'll appeal to the BT's dad & probably the BoyToy too but I think his dad will get these. Got two more wild pairs to knit - two extra girly feet this year & then it's back to washcloths because I need a pile of them!!

Sometime this week I have to get back to Arvik too. I still don't have a warm sweater to wear!! But, it doesn't take long to knit the handspun on size 6 needles. I may add a few rows of garter just to give it some interest in the yoke area but otherwise I'm just knitting it as a top- down raglan but this time I'll remember the darned neck shaping in front!!

And, on another note, Mable, the travelling sock bag, has just returned from her sojourn to the OLD part of Canada!! Her owner sent me two pictures of her travels. Mable goes to Ottawa on the right & Mable in Montreal on the left. She does get around, doesn't she???

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