Monday, November 12, 2007

Another week in the life . . .

I'm not sure where the time's gone this past week, I just know that most of it isn't billable! The grey days just make me want to stay in my house jammies, put the soup pot on to simmer, plug in a good book & knit.
So, I've been making dishcloths. Plain, garter stitch dishcloths. With a few promised here & a couple there, oh, must include one with each little gift to the boys - I still have a few orphans who have nowhere to go for holidays . . . . . & of course, one to the Ex. I need a fair whack of them. I've found a stash of crafter cotton from many years ago in a bottom drawer - seems I'd planned to knit a cotton jacket but bought the wrong stuff. It's a lot softer, thicker & more absorbent than the newer crafter cotton - is there polyester in the new stuff??? And, have you noticed, the ball is smaller????

I bought several balls of Opal in bright colors in the sale basket at Knitopia a couple of weeks ago. Karen asked me to knit a sock or two in the brights so she can see if they make a pattern. Apparently the salesperson claimed they just make a mottled all-over color. Well, I can say the color combos are truly weird but definitely bright & they do stripe - at least in the one I started. Looking at the ball, you'd never guess at the wildness within. But, you know, the longer I work on it, well, it just seems to become normal somehow. I have the next two balls picked out for wild socks - they look the same as the last but are in different colors. Then, I have to start on the DULL colorways I bought at the same time. The dull ones are supposed to be "MANLY" socks so I sure hope they aren't as weird as the brights!!

I'm trying to finish the Lana Grossa socks - these are in a 13WWW foot size for my Ex. They've got to be the most boring socks ever - well, except for those black dress socks I knit for the BoyToy last year to wear with his suit. I think these will in future be known as the 'Never Ending Socks'!! They just seem to go on & on & on. I think the next time I decide to knit a pair for the Ex, I'll use the Confetti or Sock it to Me yarns. They both have good yardage, interesting 'manly' colors & are a lot more interesting!! So, I'll just have to grit my teeth & concentrate to get these things finished in the next week or so - I need the needles for another project!!

Oh my God, the clouds are gone, the wind has died down - we had a huge banging, wailing, windy night full of driving rain - AND the sky is just now BLUE!! Wow. Time to get dressed, go see if any of my houseplants survived the night outside & head for a sunny spot to have a tea. And Knit, of course . . . . .

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