Thursday, November 01, 2007

Back from the Dead

Got over my virus
- well, mostly! Spent Sunday drinking tea with Feeney's & sleeping. I'll bet I slept 18 out of 24 hours but woke up Monday with a clear head. Guess it was a flu. Nothing like a day under a quilt to make you feel better again.

I was putting away the laundry this morning
& thinking I had a LOT of handknit socks hanging up! I checked it out - I have 17 PAIRS of handknit socks on the go!! Seventeen Pairs! I have at least 3 pairs that are over FIVE YEARS OLD! Mind you, some are short socks for summer clogs. And, I've even given some of them away just
because I didn't wear them. It's funny, sometimes you just knit up a color that you loved in the ball & it just doesn't appeal once you put it in the basket. I've got a couple of those, they never seem to get worn. Time to pass them on.

I finished the first hip triangle on my Ginny's Sweater. Since the deep "V" shaping creates a pointed front & back, you have to knit a triangle from the side hip to the hem to match the front & back dip. Now Medrith assures me this will work out if I follow her directions but I have my doubts. The bottom does NOT look straight. And, if I remember my geometry, I'm knitting from the top of the triangle to the base to fill in the hole. The pattern tells me I'm decreasing 6 stitches every two rows . . . . . huh??? I figure I should be INCREASING every two rows. I knit the first hip triangle & I'm scratching my head. Notice how it pulls IN toward the centre??? Okaaaaaaaaaaaay . . . Time to take it to the Girls for an opinion. Sometimes you just need a Committee.

With the weather turning cool & damp
, I decided to just finish the Arvik sweater the way it is & use it. When I started the neck shaping, I forgot to add the extra stitches
for the front curved part of the cardigan neck - hey, I was working from an open placket V-neck pullover pattern!!! I need something warm for work NOW since most businesses are cold this time of year when they're closed up for the weekends. And I'm thinking I may knit up some fingerless gloves too since my hands are suffering in the damp. Some Frankengloves may be the answer!!! LOL

I've turned the heels on both
of my mottled blu
e/green/brown/orange Lana Grossa socks for the BT's dad!!! I have a new person to knit some socks for this year & I think her socks will be next. She's a single mom, working full time for minimum wage with a girl around 11. She's finding life particularly hard these days since her Dad died a year ago in October. She's so much like her dad - same walk, same body type, same face - I tell her to look in the mirror when she misses her Dad. She likes hot pinks!! Have I got some yarn for HER socks!! hahahahahahaha

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