Monday, November 19, 2007

A Contest!!!

Okay, Okay - I'm jumping in with both feet here - to celebrate the 300th post at this site, there is a contest. Go to - - to enter!!

Spending my off hours working on socks like crazy! The 'manly' socks are to the heel shaping & quite handsome. I thought I'd matched up the colors & stripes but found I ended up in the middle of a repeat on the second sock. Oh well, I guess if you're anal about matching socks, you won't be wearing mine!

Arvik is not on the needles yet but after freezing my tushie today, she will be soon. I've
actually been contemplating knitting up a quickie Indian Sweater with some of the Buffalo wool I still have laying about. None of the balls really match but I have mostly greys or browns in plain & mottled balls. I knit this one last winter for someone in grey & could do the same for myself fairly quickly, I think. It's hard on the hands & wrists but it goes quickly when knit in once piece on circular needles. Arvik is warm & nice but not THAT warm. I went to work in an unheated building this afternoon & had to leave after 3 hours because I got too cold to work. Not good for the arthritic joints! And this is only November . . . .

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