Monday, August 11, 2008

And I'm Off!!!

I have to admit, the Sockput is a riot. I really wanted to start these socks - I can't resist a new yarn!!! And I was dying to find out what kind of pattern I'd get. Sooooooooooooo . . . . . Tada, my entry. I'm up to the gusset shaping for the heel on both of them already. Sunday nite is my favorite nite on the boob-tube with the Antiques Roadshow on PBS & then Rosemary & Thyme & whatever British Detective series is running on Knowledge. So I end up knitting for at least three hours!!!

Haven't started on the
Wonderful Wallaby yet in the beautiful purple Marble yarn but I'm thinking I might just change to the blue Eton Ornaghifilati yarn I bought for the BT. The Eton yarn is 50% wool & 50% acrylic so it can be washed in cool water & laid flat to dry. I think it'll work out nicely for the Wallaby!! He's long wanted a sweater but he wouldn't let me knit one till his son moved out. The kid used to 'borrow' dad's stuff & then just throw it all into the wash . . . . I mediated a couple of battles over what belonged to who. And, I learned to buy everything in doubles but in different sizes, LOL. So, the kid's been gone for about 4 years & maybe it's time to knit him something. I'm doing this in self defense you know, I want to be able to FINISH in time!!!!!

The August Manly birthday socks have been finished! They were actually finished a while ago but I hadn't tucked in the ends . . . I think that's the worst part of any project!! So, I have the perfect "manly" socks & the "wild" socks for the BT's parents who include me as one of the "kids". I'm the 'good' influence on the wildest kid. hahahaha

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