Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ravelympics Alert

My Sockput entry is finished!! And, why wouldn't it be??? I can knit socks in my sleep these days. Not only have I finished the Sisu Fantasy socks but I've got a pair of - drum roll please - BLACK SOCKS on the needles too. The BT's elderly dad asked if I would knit him a pair of black dress socks - what could I say . . . . I'm just quickly knitting a very plain pair in Preface which is made by the same mill that puts out the Confetti yarns I like so much. I've obviously been knitting with Regia & Opal yarns a whole lot lately because this Preface sure feels thin - oh I know it thickens up when the sizing is washed out!!! It just feels funny . . . . but the socks are just about to the start of the heel gusset shaping so they aren't going to take long to knit.

So, after socks, I entered the Freestyle thingamaboppie in the Ravelympics - you know you're getting old & weird when you can't even remember the damned events you sign up for!!!!! I was going to knit the Wonderful Wallaby in Purple Marble yarn. Well, I decided knitting a Wallaby for Moi for the first time was going to be just too much for such a short event. I mean, I have to compute the sizing, figure out the bust short rows etc . . . . so I thought I'd knit one for the BT. Well, even his size is a bit of a stretch with the LONG body & belly short rows!!! So my skinny little carpenter client dropped by with payroll info in hand & HE ordered a Wallaby when he saw what I was doing. He's a nice ordinary size MEDIUM with no belly. AHA!! A snap to make HIM a Hoodie. And I think the medium will be a bit big on him. I do so love to knit for kids!!!!!

The Carpenter Wallaby is being constructed - hehe - with Briggs & Little "Heritage" yarn in the Anniversary Twist colorway. The Anniversary Twist is light blue & denim twisted barber-pole style worsted wool produced for their 150th Anniversary last year. I loved the color & figured the boys would too. I had to go down a needle size to a US 5 & 7 to get the gauge called for for the Wallaby but so far it looks good. Although I thought Heritage would be too scratchy, it sure softens up as you knit with it! And, this will be a working hoodie!!! I think the Heritage wool will be perfect for this application. I'm thinking a chunky style wool would also be great for the Wallaby too - I'd just have to do some calculations for the gauge & go down a couple of sizes for a true WINTER Wallaby.


Silk said...

I think you should change your blog name to something to do with being a whiz at socks..sock wizard??? i need to learn how to do socks... i did a pair years ago with homespun but they sure didn't last...I have some nice yarn from a girl i met in Olds... really neat colours...she called one Praire Sunrise, and one Alberta rose...keep blogging girl

Sharon in Surrey said...

The Twisted sock was supposed to refer to handspun socks but I don't seem to have the time to spin enough yarn for handspun!!! So, I struggle on with commercial yarns, sob!!