Friday, August 08, 2008

So, I joined the Ravelympics

My spinning & knitting pal Gail was making me feel guilty for not joining the Ravelympics. It wasn't that she said a whole lot but she's a mother. She has that mother way of making you feel guilty without saying anything - you know the look. So I went in & took a look . . . I figured I'd just join one of the sock events - I mean, hey, I can knock out a pair of socks in a couple or three days without breaking a sweat!! And I just bought some great new Sisu Fantasy to knit myself another pair anyway. So I joined the Sockput. I cast on this morning while watching Peter Fallico decorate on the Home & Garden channel - my morning addiction - & I've finished the cuff on both socks already. I did consider short socks but I get more use out of the longer ones so these will be above the ankle socks.

Since I was already signed up for one event at Ravelry, I figured I might as well sign up for another one while I was there. I should've signed on for the UFO project but it's waaaay too hot to knit a large wool sweater when half of it's laying in your lap! So I signed on to knit the Wonderful Wallaby in the purple Marble yarn I bought at Knitopia. I absolutely fell in love with Marble even though it IS acrylic. It's a lovely acrylic with great colors & I may just buy more of it before I'm through. I've lusted after the Wonderful Wallaby ever since I saw one on the back of a fellow guild member, Doris who has several of them!! I've already done the swatch with the pocket shaping & attachment so I'm ready to go!! I'm still debating whether to make the Wallaby as written or turn it into a zipped front with two kangaroo pockets. Sooooo many decisions, so little time - 17 days, isn't it???


Gail said...

You go, girl!!! Did I REALLY give you "the look" ?????

Lynne said...

New pattern will be out this fall for a cardigan Wallaby, Cottage Creations.

Sharon in Surrey said...

I can't wait till fall to use this yarn!!!!!