Saturday, August 30, 2008

I really hate blogging without pictures!

The title says it all - I don't have any pictures. It's time to hit the hay because I have to be up, showered, fed & ready to go before 7 in the AM & it's now 11:49 in the PM but I don't feel sleepy. The BoyToy has taken My car to work since he's separated the cords in the steel belted tire on the front of His car & has to drive to Vancouver. I thought those tires were in better shape when I bought that car . . . . before we traded cars, that is. He he he, seems like I got the best of the deal. Oh well, I surely don't need My car on the Graveyard shift & he doesn't go anywhere on the Day shift so we'll share until one of my scrap buddies comes up with Cheap or Free - even better, tires that fit his car. If it isn't one damned thing, it's another . . . . Maybe I should actually check the tires on My car before I start laughing at his!

I've come to a standstill on the Briggs & Little Wallaby. My carpenter client needs to bring his skinny little bod over to be measured for length! I have the body & both arms knit & ready to attach to the yoke but I want it to be LONG enough. The little shit hasn't measured himself so I have to catch him & do it myself I guess . . . . MEN. I am learning a lot about the Wallaby though & I'll certainly knit another of these in the near future - they're fun!!

Black socks have their heels turned & I'm almost to the toe shaping. These ones have gone quite quickly - I think it's the Queen's heel that makes the difference.

I really have to take some photos . . . . .

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