Monday, March 16, 2009

And What Happened Yesterday??

Did anyone else notice the weird weather yesterday?? I left home in the drizzly early morning hours to open the shop for my Sunday morning customer only to have it turn to snow. By lunch, I was making the food run in white-out conditions! And then the sun came out around 2:00 to dry it all up. I had coffee in the sunshine around 3:30 only to see the hail falling on either side of the shaft of sunlight. Two hours later, it was half rain & half snow before the big winds came up & blew the rain sideways . . . What a day! Someone mentioned they'd actually seen snow in April as a child back in the 50s but other than that, we're usually enjoying early summer this time of year. I want to plant my patio pots!!!

The Moss Stitch Blazer is done except for sewing the cuffs. The side seams are done, the sleeves are sewed together & it fits. I just decided at the last minute to add ribbed cuffs to the sleeves - I like a snug wrist. I'm so happy to be wearing this sweater. I love the raspberry wool & I have tons of it left to knit another sweater!!
As I said before, I've been eyeballing that purple Marble yarn for the next project while knitting the Moss Stitch Blazer. I really think I'm going to do that Noragi Kimono in the purple. It's fast & loose enough for a summer evening wrap - I like the textured yoke & sleeve detail too. Marble is light & washable so it's perfect to drag along anywhere. Yup, I think it's next.

Gad, with all the production going on around here, I may have to get my sewing machine out too. I've fallen in love with the baseball style tee shirt - I've purchased several over the years, even buying one in BROWN which is not a color I normally wear!!! But it's a rosy brown so I'm getting away with it. I think it would even translate into a knitted sweater if I worked at it. I was thinking just the other day that the Bernat Baby yarn would work nicely. Bernat makes a lavender Baby yarn that's a great color on me. It's a slightly rippled yarn which gives it a nice textured look when swatched, it's light & machine wash/dryable. Perfect for a casual knit tee or baseball shirt!! I know, I know, it's acrylic . . . . but it's light!! Good color!! And cheap!! Great for work!! No dye lot!! All of which makes it perfect to experiment with. Really.

The Mother socks are languishing on my favorite skewer needles. I've lost my sock motivation somewhere. I'm not sure if its the color of the yarn or that I've just run out of steam or what. I'm tired of socks. I'm tired of knitting for other people. I can't even get the motivation going for the blue Frankensocks. Maybe it's the knowledge that those size 13 WWWW's are waiting to be knitted that's sucking my motivation away.

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