Friday, March 06, 2009

The sky is blue & the grass is froze

And here we go again!! Not a cloud to be seen in that brilliant blue sky & they say snow is on the way for the weekend - I bloody hope not! I have to work all weekend. All I know is that its cold out there baby & my wool sweater isn't finished yet!

I did manage to add a couple mor
e rows to the Moss Stitch Blazer last nite but that's about it. I planned to go knitting with the Gals at Knitopia but I got sidetracked by two small businesses who both needed payrolls done NOW - all the bosses are going to Vegas for the weekend!! Is there a special on???? And then the Techie boys wanted to have coffee & talk business so I didn't get much done. It IS tax time after all . . . .

I did swat
ch the pattern for the Indigo Noragi jacket in the Knit Kimono book. I used the purple Marble yarn for it & I'm thinking it's a winner!! Yeah, yeah, I could've taken a better picture but I have several different patterns on the same big swatch so it isn't as clear as it should be!! I just have to work out the numbers - the jacket is 45" wide & I'm a hellova lot wider! Since the construction is pretty basic, I think I shouldn't have much a of a problem. The only thing to remember in this pattern is which direction your stitches are pointing! It first curves to the left & then back to the right over a 12 stitch pattern & it's easy to forget which way you're going if you don't pay attention. I do like the texture though & it's no harder than the double moss stitch. I know, I know - I shouldn't be swatching for anything until the Moss Stitch Blazer is finished but I'm excited to use the purple Marble yarn that's been looking at me since last April when I bought it to knit myself something nice.

I can't believe it's been sitting there for a whole year - but then, last year was a rollercoaster, emotionally & financially! So this year, I'm trying to get things DONE. For me.

Another one of the KNIT KIMONO patterns I really like is the one on the front - the Komon. It's done in an open knit pattern that looks like crochet. The shape is simple so it should be simple to enlarge - I believe its the old 45" wide again.

And I have a really good excuse for planning the next project so soon - I've been watching the Healthy Brain series on Public TV. One of the ways to keep your brain healthy, the good doctor says, is to work on projects that keep it flexible & learning new things. Jigsaw puzzles, card games, lace knitting, logic problems, painting & bird watching for example, all involve healthy brain activities. The brain has to forge new pathways & remain elastic in order to do such things. The fine doctor who's presenting the program says you should always be planning the next project to keep your brain active. So I'm keeping my brain healthy by swatching for the next sweater . . . . . that's my story & I'm sticking to it!!

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