Monday, March 09, 2009

Data Entry Hell

It's THAT time of year again! I love it & I hate it. Oh, I love it because the money actually DOES flow in nicely but I have to work my ass off to get it. I finished 13 tax returns on Friday & managed to walk exactly 877 steps all day according to my pedometer. I didn't have time to walk anywhere except to the tea pot in the kitchen & the throne down the hall. Even the cat was disgusted with me. I'm not counting all the work still in boxes & in piles in my office that I haven't had time to get to yet. One thing about it, I'll have money in my bank account & less to pay on the old plastic card when I'm done . . . . .

I tried on the Moss Stitch Blazer this evening. Both arms are just to the elbow & getting longer by the minute - it's gonna be a tough call as to whether I can wear it to the Fibres West dooooo on Saturday. Hopefully I will but that depends on how much knitting time I get between now & then. Nothing like the seat-of-your-pants planning, eh?? I'm going to really enjoy it when it's done though because I love the color & with this weather, even I deserve a good wool jacket! I woke up to blowing snow this morning with -6 windchill, went to work around noon in blazing sunshine & came home in an icy wind with more falling snow!! We used to have spring & wear shorts this time of year!!!!

Got myself a new job today. A client lost her big dark brown St Bernard suddenly this week. He'd been her constant companion since she came to this country & she's devastated. She managed to save a big bag of hair from all the brushing over the last couple of years & wants me to spin it up & knit her some socks. Sigh . . . . Of course I said yes. I'm thinking I can card Nic's hair with some of Arvik's offerings & maybe throw in some silk or mohair for strength. I told her she might be better off with mitts & a hat or scarf but she wants socks. I'll see how much I get - maybe a small shawl to snuggle up in would fit the bill too. Just because Nic was a pretty special pooch.

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