Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yes, we have no Socks

There are NO socks on my needles. Empty. I decided I was sick of socks at Christmas time & will knit for ME for a while longer! I've bought a new book of patterns to sample!

I went off to the Fibres West show at the Abbotsford Ag-Rec on Friday to see what new & wonderful items were available. I have to report that I had fun, yakked with a lot of people I only see at Fibre events, shared my Fuji apple with the llamas & generally enjoyed myself. I did not enjoy getting to or leaving the event though!! I used the Google directions to get there & Google has NOT been updated in the last year or two & failed to include the changes to the new Mt Lehman interchange. I ended up miles away from where my directions said I should be - but thanx to Karen & her handy dandy mapbook, I made it to the Show on time! All the usual vendors were there as well as a few that I'd only heard about but never seen in the flesh. I fell in love with Arelia's "PAUA" colorway & had to have a bag of the stuff to play with!!
I have to admit though
, I was expecting more Farmers & more small Artisans in the mix. Although it's nice to have all that STUFF all together in one place for my shopping pleasure & I'm pleased to say I took advantage of some of it - I would like to see more of the little guys you never hear about unless they advertise in the Guild newsletter or the local paper. I'd really like to see some of the local fleeces for sale at these events!! Having said that, I slobbered over handpainted rovings in PURPLES & GREYS at Knitopia. I found bags of sock yarns to dye for & looked at every book in every vendor's display. I spent too much money - like I NEED more fibre . . .

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Louisa said...

Fun shopping! Sorry I missed you - I went on Saturday. It was a lovely experience with all the wool fumes!