Friday, January 01, 2010

It's all over

I'm glad it's all over for another year! The craziness gets to me. I had errands to run on New Year's Eve day - payroll books & a box of paper to buy, I realized suddenly that the next biweekly pay period overlaps two years so I must get new books for three companies before payday on Jan 07!! So I had to go into the strip mall where Office Depot is located. Unfortunately, the liquor store relocated into the very same mall, about a 100 feet away from both the entrance, exit & Office Depot! Had no problems getting IN but getting back OUT was an ordeal. I had the same problem on the way home from work on Christmas Eve, I wanted to hit Safeway but the Liquor Store seekers had the entrance blocked for about TWO blocks in all directions!!!

I have TWO Resolutions for the New Year. I Resolve to get that damned leak in the furnace room fixed for good THIS time around - it sprung a leak last nite again . . .
And I Resolve to lose those 30 pounds that I was supposed to lose LAST year with one change - I'm aiming for ONE little pound a week. Just ONE. If I fix the 30 in my mind, it all turns to crap. I found a Walking with Leslie freebie - It's the 5 minute walk - it's designed for a coffee break to get you out of your office chair! It adds 500 steps to a day each time you do it. I've reset my pedometer for 5000 steps in my on-line program instead of the 10,000 it usually comes with. I've found that 10,000 is unreachable & discourages me. Yeah, I'd rather sit & knit or spin but creaking joints & an aching hip are killing me. Back to Curves on Monday. I have to make sure I can still move to TREADLE that spinning wheel!!!

I haven't done much knitting other than my Marble sweater & two pairs of socks over the holidays. My old socks still fit & they still look good but I've been wearing most of them for more than NINE, yeah that's 9 years!!! I'm getting a little tired of the oldies. Why do they last so long?? Well, last time I counted, I had 19 pairs in the basket . . . . so I've tossed some into the BUM bin & will knit the next few pairs for the EX or the BUM BIN instead of me - no, I am NOT giving away sock yarn, I will let it age until I feel like a new pair.
And then there's all those hoodies to knit!
When will I get time to spin??? Dunno - guess I'll have to go to a Retreat! LOL

So, I had sushi for Christmas dinner & Curried chicken Chow Mein for New Year's! And watched the Home & Garden Channel marathons instead of Scrooged, A Christmas Carol, A Wonderful Life & the Grinch this year. And had Feeneys in my tea. There's nothing so fine as a non-traditional Festive time!

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Louisa said...

I'm glad it's all over too! Too nuts. Now I'm waiting for the Owelympics to be over so life can do its best to return to something resembling normal around here.

Best wishes on reaching your goals this year. And sushi sounds like a yummy Christmas dinner! Or anytime, really.