Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back to Work

No one quite knows what to do with the few days between Christmas & New Years, including me. I sat in my favorite chair most of yesterday watching the Home & Garden Channel marathons & knitting on the Marble sweater. I watched my favorite, Peter Fallico, buy, reno & flip a house! I think my favorite Fallico series is still Home to Go, where he made simple renos & lots of design changes for renters which could go with them when they moved. Some of the best were the apartments with the smallest budgets - the man is a marvel of makeover!! Sarah Richardson is my second favorite. She favors the simple pallet with expensive elegance but I remember when she made her own slip covers & installed her own light fixtures in Room Service. My favortite episode was the one where she took the old leaky shed & turned it into a simple Beach Cottage for kiddie sleepovers . . . that girl's amazing. I enjoyed watching her do her 2008 flip all over again. And ate turkey soup.

Got into the big discussion of Stat Holidays with a friend over a cup of java at 'Bucks yesterday too. He told me all the Government & Bank offices were closed because they got Monday in leiu of the Boxing Day stat which fell on the weekend. I told him Boxing Day is NOT a statutory holiday - unless negotiated for in a contract. There are only 10 stats & Boxing Day is NOT one of them as most people think. I have this arguement every year with somebody on one of the payrolls I do so I've actually bookmarked the Labor Standards page on the subject! And why did this topic come up anyway??? Well, we were trying to figure out if we should put out the garbage Monday nite for pickup on Tuesday morning. I put mine out last nite because the City may be on an extended holiday but I was sure the contractors who pick up the garbage are not! I'm at the beginning of the route these days - by the time you hear them, it's too late - they come barrelling down the alley just after 7AM & don't stop for anything but a can - on the curb, not in arms . . . . And sure enough, just after 7, they roared down the alley . . .

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