Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Its been a rather busy couple of weeks since the last post. And, I just haven't felt like posting for most of it. I know, I know, I get cranky when my favorite posters haven't posted in a while but sometimes, well, you just don't feel like letting anyone know how crappy your life is. My cat had a stroke last week & died. She got a little peculiar when I took a short term job & was away all day for a couple of months & took to peeing in the corner of my office! Then she started throwing up on everything. That behavior stopped & things were almost back to normal when she had the stroke. She died several hours later cuddled up in her favorite blanket.

I finally paid off my new spinning wheel!! It's a Majacraft Suzie Pro. I had great fun trying out two models at Knitopia last week. I've had mine on Lay-away for almost TWO years! I had no money for most of the time & put little dribbles on it as I had them. He, who will not be mentioned, sucked up most of my income until last Christmas when I had my melt down & gave him the boot. I was finally able to pay it off this year when I got some birthday money that didn't have to go to some bill!! Whoooopie!! The top picture is Suzie set up to full height & the second shows Suzie folded for transport. She takes up much less space than my Indian Spinner & comes with a handle!! She should travel well to Spin-Ins & Retreats. My only complaint is the size of the bobbins - my old Indian Spinner has magnificently HUGE bobbins while Suzie needs a half dozen to even approach the capacity of one of the old ones . . .

That being said, Suzie is sleek, shiny & new. With double treadles!! Now I won't get cramps in my right shin when I spin for long hours!! Suzie travels a whole lot better than my Indian & takes up less space in the car. I just have to design a padded bag for her.

I finished the socks for the Hairdresser's Boyfriend. I have the horrible feeling I'm going to be the Official Socknitter for a while . . . . He suffers from cold, swo
llen feet & managed to snag HER pair of socks which he's worn out in the heels. He says they're the only socks he can wear & have warm feet. I suppose I can swap for perms for a while. Or she can bring me Bailey's when she crosses the Border.

I've also been knitting tuques for some of the Bum Bags. I usually fill the bags with Dollar Store goodies but I have another box of Buffalo wool -
I should never open strange boxes - I thought I might as well use it up & knit warm head coverings. Knitting Buffalo wool is really hard on my sore hands but it's such a good way to use it up. It keeps the head warm even when wet & the wind can't blow through it like the finer wools so it's a good choice for people who live outdoors. I can't imagine sleeping outside or in a unheated place in this weather!! Hopefully, these will make life a little warmer for a couple of people.


Lynne said...

Sorry about the cat. Nice wheel, socks and hats, and congrats on finally using the boot.

Merry Christmas.

Se ya in the spring.

Louisa said...

Sorry to hear about your cat. I lost both of my old lady cats over a year ago and I still miss them. Not enough to get another one though! Like you, I miss the company but I don't miss cleaning up their constant mess.

Happy spinning on your new wheel!