Friday, December 25, 2009

Sushi & Starbucks

I knew both would be open today in Newton. And as a regular customer, it was my Duty to show my support by showing up. Since the house is feeling a little empty - I think I actually miss that damned cat m
ore than I missed the BT - I packed up my knitting, bought some California Rolls & encamped in the comfy corner chair at Starbucks with Sushi & a mug of coffee. As I sat, two little girls ran over & jumped in the other chair. I told them they'd have to share since the one behind the Sushi was MINE. We had a nice visit, talked about clothes, colors & all our favorite things before their mom took them back to Gramma's house for dinner. And then the crowd came in . . . . I tried to get a refill but the line just kept getting longer until one of the Barristas had to turn people away. The store was supposed to close at 4 but had a full house & a line to the door . . .

I'm knitting another version of Kyler's Kardigan - a simple garter stitch, top down cardi - in the purple Marble yarn I bought last year at Knitopia. I was going to knit a Wonderful Wallaby but de
cided I would prefer the cozyness of garter stitch to the stockinette of the Wallaby. And I like knitting from the top down since I need a bigger front & back with smaller sleeves to fit my Apple shape. I can try it on occasionally to make sure it'll fit this way too!! I find I tend to wear my recycled yarn Kardigan to work constantly & I throw it on to work in my home office in the mornings too - so I thought something machine washable & dryable would be a better option for work. The Marble goes a long way even in garter stitch so it may become my yarn of choice for other simple sweaters that need washing often. Yes, Virginia, there are times that acrylic is the fibre of choice even when you spin your own yarn.

I know it's a blessing not to be tripping over the cat, cleaning up barf or picking up all the half eaten chicken on the kitchen floor, but it doesn't feel natural to go to the bathroom alone anymore. It didn't matter when I headed in that direction, the cat would have to be in front & get there first. Sometimes I'd fool her by going into the Office or the bedroom on the other side but it wasn't often. She liked playing in the dripping water in the tub & bitched at me till I made it drip. She used to use the litter box & then head for the water to play & leave dirty paw prints . . .
The tub & toilet are actually CLEAN for the first time in a couple of years! It just ain't natural!!

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