Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Vancouver is so beautiful when the sun shines. The sky is so blue, the water too, even the mountains on the North Shore have a tinge of blue with all the green. Yeah, green everywhere - well, green where we haven't black-topped or cemented over it, that is. But a lot of green almost everywhere. Parks & green spaces abound. Trees are on almost every block - even right downtown. Lots of good places to sit & knit or haul out the old spinning wheel.

And speaking of green on this Earth Day, remember to blow the dust off that refillable cup you used LAST Earth Day & use it again today. It saves trees. If you must use a disposable, recycle it. It can make toilet paper & paper towels which are more important than disposable cups. My Big Red Cup rides with me in the car & goes into my favorite Cafe with me - it's a hellova lot nicer than those dinky white ones they use & it's RED. And I always have my Starbucks plastic go-everywhere cups with lids. Looks just like the throw-away cup, doesn't it??? It works for hot or cold - cost me a buck !! Not as classy as the Red Mug but doesn't chip or break & you can still use it with a straw.

Just another winter Kroy sock on the go - two of them actually. I think I'll probably run out of Kroy before I finish the toes so I'm working them side by side to make the most of what yarn I have before finding left-overs for the toes. Shortly, I intend to go out with my Red Mug, get a coffee & find a sunny bench & just knit for an hour. Too bad for all of you trapped in your offices looking out today, the home office closes for sunshine & knitting.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

After surviving the birthday, I am now counting down to the first Old Age Pension check. I made a smart remark about probably not needing it by the time it showed up & I believe it's come back to haunt me. I've been practically a BagLady for the last year & a half  since my school closed down. So, it's been great to have several of my old clients hear through the grapevine that I'm back in the home office. One called from Prince George on Wednesday. I know the world has become a small place with technology but, I don't often do bookkeeping for a guy 600 miles away, but what the heck. And I got a call from Campbell River - on Vancouver Island - about some work for another old client. The latest though, may turn into a regular part time job. I did a software setup for a small business several years ago & I've been asked to drop in for a chat. Apparently they need a bookkeeper.

So, it seems life goes on, no voice, gimpy leg 'n' all. 

And what's on the needles??? Socks as usual - winter socks in blue, green & red above. I have another pair in the very same colorway. Since my basement doesn't have a subfloor, that tiled cement gets really cold most of the year - even with shoes on - so I usually wear WINTER socks in the house!! On the right are some of the KROY 4ply I scarfed - some for my birthday - thanx Jenn, and some as a Before gift - you know, take this before I toss it!!! The balls with PINK in them are next on my sock list. I need some Pink.
If I remember correctly, about this time LAST year I was bemoaning the lack of Summer Socks in my rapidly expanding sock bin. But, I just keep squeezing the latest balls of Kroy 4 ply .  .  .  .  maybe it's time to get out the left-overs bag & make FrankenSummerSocks. I want PINK & PLUM in my summer socks. Maybe even some Neons! Gee, Maybe I can afford to BUY a few balls this year????


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Will you still feed me, will you still need me . . . .

Today I'm 64. Wow. I still can't imagine it. What happened?? The last 30 years have whizzed by so fast that I barely remember them at all. Guess I was busy living. And paying bills. And I suppose I should be relatively happy since the Tax Man isn't gunning for me, I haven't been bankrupt & all the bills ARE paid. Except for the credit card, but then, most of us are carrying a balance these days right into Retirement. Mine isn't huge but it's still there.

And what am I doing on my birthday??? Started out the day with Revenue Canada collections - no, no, not mine. But it means I have extra work in the next two weeks which I hadn't anticipated. And then I went out for breakfast at my favorite little truck stop cafe. I almost took a couple of bottles of wine along since it was MY Birthday. In the end, I decided NOT to drink wine before breakfast. The boys at the cafe laughed out loud when I told them I almost brought wine & gave me a free breakfast while singing off key instead. I do love those crazy boys!!!

Got 4 balls of my favorite Kroy 4ply sock yarn from one of my Knitting Pals. Two are in a lighter colorway with PINK in it which I'll knit first!! I would've cast on immediately but my favorite circs are already in use with another pair of Kroy socks. Since one heel is already turned & the ribbing finished on the other, they won't take long to finish if there's something good on the old tube for the next coupla days.

So, other than Starbucks - my FREE birthday drink awaits - I will be in the office, pounding on the keyboard as usual, since there's only TWO weeks till the end of the Tax Season. EEK.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

A Whole Lost Month

I've been in a daze this past month. Not that I haven't been doing things, but simply, I just didn't feel like going anywhere, socializing or blogging. I did take a two hour 'Tea Time' break with PBS to watch British TV with my lunch - I loved the two weeks of "Call the Midwife" reruns!! But I didn't even want to go out past my patio unless it was to head through the drive-thru for a Very Large coffee-to-go. I have my choice between Starbucks, Tim's & Mcdonald's within 4 blocks. Coffee tastes sooo good with two milks in it late at night. I have a 24 hour drive-thru just up the road & it sure does a good business at 4AM.

Of course, tax season hit with a bang as usual.  Some of my old, old customers are back with multi-year offerings too. Thank Gawd, it's been a tough year & a half for me since the school closed. I'm in that grey area where I'm too beat up for a full time job but still too mobile to be written off. In 9 days I'll be 64 & 11 months away from being an old age pensioner. Gee, I wonder what I'll do with all that extra money???

I did knit a couple of pairs of socks this past month. One for me - this is finished & already in the wash & one for my second favorite short order cook in the local truck cafe. He's a good boy & can make a mean toasted chicken & havarti  sandwich on rye. Most of the employees of the little cafe love my wild Frankensocks so periodically, someone gets a pair. Once in a while they get to keep them too. One girlfriend & one Mom has pinched a pair or two along the way.
There's already another pair of Kroy 4ply socks on the needles for me & two wonderful wallabies on the needles for two little boys under 4. The old hands have been complaining but little sweaters don't take much time or effort before they're done, do they???

The camera is charging as I type so there may be some new pictures on the next entry. Back to the grindstone, taxes &  the GST wait for no one. Woo hoo