Sunday, May 22, 2016

Just Like a Dawg

Not a hellovalot happening here in the Home of the Newly Retired except I'm almost finished the last week of my "Therapods to Birds" course & two weeks to go on my "Gut Microbiome" course. If I pulled the Ragg out, I could finish both of them in a week!!! But I've been kind of  locked into the 'Go to bed late & sleep in' routine this past week.

Sharon's Taxi has been in service once more!! I have hauled the Ex to FIVE eye specialist appointments in 7 days. I did this LAST year in February when I hauled both him & my buddy Little Ron, to eye appointments over a three week span. Both had eye emergencies. But several Specialists had to do the same tests over & over before deciding what to do. Part of this year's visits are the leftovers from last year's emergencies as well as annual checkups. I'm happy to say that all eyes are healed, the vision saved and one has surprised everyone by improving. But, I spent all week traveling from one end of Surrey to the other, sitting in parking lots with my knitting.

So, what's a Knitter to do??? Knit Frankensocks, that's what. Friday was my last doctor
visit for a while - the Specialist said we don't have to go back!!!!  Since the TV is dead & I'm on a roll, I tuned into YouTube & watched Dinosaur/First People/DNA   documentaries while I knit. THIS is a sample of the Pinks/Purples odds'n'sodds to choose from - there's a whole other box. I wanted some mostly pink summer socks this year since I've knit lots of reds & oranges & browns in the Winter Kroy yarns. Yeah, I know, it's all dumped on the keyboard - I'm a Visual worker. I need to SEE what I have or I forget it all. I either never use it because I've forgotten that I have it or end up with multiples because I like it. That's how I end up with three pairs of socks in the same colorway!!!


Donna OShaughnessy said...

Hello Sharon I don't knit but I support those who do. Also I like all the purple in your photos.

Sharon in Surrey said...

Purple is the best color with Magenta following. And Frankensocks are the best socks.